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“The Impello Analysis” provides the most comprehensive, fact-based review of the high-tech industry in the Trondheim region.
“The Impello Analysis” (first published in 2006) covers the high-tech sector in the Trondheim Region. Topics include key financial figures, sectorial revenues, value creation and employment. The report provides a comprehensive overview of recent start-ups, funding structure, acquisitions, regional key players, and a complete listing of companies. Systematic mapping of the technology companies over several years has made the analysis possible.

The Trondheim Region includes the municipalities Trondheim, Ordal, Skaun, Midtre-Gauldal, Malvik, Klæbu, Rissa, Stjørdal and Leksvik. All figures are based on publicly available financial data for the period 2005-2017.

Partners are  Adresseavisen, DNB, Greenway, Innovasjon Norge, Kjeldsberg Eiendom, Nordea, NTNU, Næringsforeningen i Trondheimsregionen, Pretor Advokat, ProVenture, Search House, SINTEF, Siva, SpareBank 1 SMN , Statoil Technology Invest, Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune, Trondheimsregionen, TrøndereEnergi and Viking Venture.

Key figures 2016 for the Trondheim Regionn:
- 640 technology companies (545 private limited companies and 95 subdivisions)
- 11,421 employees
- 21.3 bn NOK in total revenues (12.4 bn. in limited companies and an estimated 8.8 bn. in subdivisions)
- 79 new companies registered in 2016.

Key figures 2017 (Late changes in 2017 may not be included in the analysis):
675* technology companies (578* ltd companies and 97 subdivisions)
- 11,809 employees
- 70* new start-ups
* Estimate per Jan. 2018

Executive summary of the 2017 Impello Analysis (norsk) (English)
Download the complete analysis for free in our download page.