Got the dream job: -A workday with meaningful tasks, freedom and colleagues with great teamwork skills.

As Margrethe grew up just 20 minutes away from Trondheim, she really enjoys the city and wanted to stay there after her studies if she could find a relevant and exciting employer. Thankfully, she saw that in us!

-As new hires we get to work with real projects very quickly, which I really appreciated. We participate in meetings with clients and get responsibilities in projects. Everyone at Impello was willing to help if I had any questions, she explains.

There are few employees at Impello that will say there are two similar days. The projects are quite different, and the days vary. As a new employee you spend a lot of hours on your computer, typically with Excel and PowerPoint. The day is interspersed with internal and client meetings. Some periods are hectic, and you must work some extra hours to finish your projects. Other periods are less stressful, Margrethe explains.

-You are usually involved in several projects at the same time. I really like the variety of work during a week, with new responsibilities every day. You are free to customize the day, which fits me well. In addition, the work environment is very good with a lot of laughter and a willingness to help each other improve, Margrethe says, before she continues:

-A typical “Impello employee” enjoys taking on challenges and working at a fast pace. Professionalism and integrity are important to us. But we also like to relax and enjoy social activities together. You should be comfortable with variation and a changing pace if you would like to work with us.

In the time Margrethe has been working with us, she has been involved in several kinds of projects within all our business areas. Amongst some things she have completed and presented The Impello Analysis, completed market analyses, been involved in M&A projects where she have made company presentations, and prepared ownership and growth strategies. 

-At Impello you have lots of opportunities to develop your skills together with colleagues who have great teamwork skills. There are good career prospects and you get possibilities to build a large network, Margrethe concludes.