Vegamot is a regional tolling company responsible for financing of toll road projects and collection of tolls based on an agreement with the Ministry of Transport. The public tolling reform of 2015 (St.Meld. 25, 2014-15) imposed the regional tolling companies to dispose the issuer business responsible for administration of customers agreements and issuance of toll tags. To faciliate a sound process, Vegamot searched for assistance from legal and financial advisers. After a tender process, SANDS and Impello was chosen as advisors for the sales process. Impello has assisted as advisor in the transaction process (partner search, indicative offers, negotiation support), financial modelling/analysis and valuation.


HQ in Trondheim, regional and national market
Financial services
24 (group) 10 (issuer business)
Turnover 2021
1.2 bn. (group)

Customer statement:

Marius Maske, CEO Vegamot AS: «Both the sales object (the issuer business) and the background for the transaction was special, among other things due to the ownership structure (public, but demand to privatize) and regulatory conditions. This resulted in a timely and complex process with high need for project management and advisory. Throughout the entire process Impello has been professional and knowledgeable, they have given good advice and participated actively in the transaction team. We have experienced an efficient and constructive cooperation between our internal economics team, the legal advisor and Impello. We are very satisfied with the result of the process»