Avento is an IT consulting company experiencing high and profitable growth. The owners and management of the company saw the potential for further growth and wanted a strategic partner to contribute with robustness in size and strength combined with a wide portfolio of services, competence and technology. Visma acquired 70% ownership of Avento in 2019 with a goal of 100% ownership after a two-year earn-out period. Impello advised the owners of Avento in the entire process from partner search to negotiations and closing.


IT consulting
Revenues 2018
NOK 63 million

Customer statement

"Avento wanted a strategic owner/growth partner that could add breadth in services, competence and market access. Through a structured and effective process in cooperation with Impello, Visma became the preferred partner based on a total evaluation of conditions, strategic match and growth opportunities/synergies. We are very pleased with the contribution from Impello in ensuring a good process and solution for both shareholders and the company!" - Stian Bang, CEO
Photo: Avento