CFEED is a leading industrial producer of best-in-class farmed live feed. Our live feed solutions go beyond optimal nutrition for larval rearing – we offer marine hatcheries advice, support and know-how, in combination with a product that is superior to any other live feed in the market. We are proud to say that we are feeding the blue future by helping aquaculture companies, all around the world, to rear and feed their larvae in a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way. Impello assisted CFEED with the preparation of an updated sales and market strategy in close cooperation with company management and key personnel. Based on market analysis, internal and external interviews and worshops, a report was produced that gave new insight into market trends, market size and potential, competition and value chains for several relevant geographies and species. Based on this project CFEED now has a more focused strategy and clear priorities for further growth.

The case

Vanvikan (HQ)
2022 budget: 20.6 mill.

Costumer statement

«CFEED is very satisfied with the results of the project. We experienced a good and efficient cooperation with the project team that possessed high competence in our field. Impello supported us with a competent and well-balanced team. We had good progress throughout the entire project with valuable input and discussions.” Tore Remman, CEO