Epcon is a technology company with roots back to 1986. The company has developed an energy-efficient technology for drying/evaporation for applications within food industry, marine sector and process industry. Epcon has delivered technology to several world-leading customers both nationally and internationally. Over the last 10 years, the company has been privately owned by seven founders. Impello has worked with Epcon since 2017, with an ambition to find a long-term industrial co-owner. After a long process with several alternatives, late Fall 2020 a private placement and part-sale to the Swedish industry company Vilokan AB was implemented. Vilokan has shown interest for a cooperation with Epcon over a longer period and can contribute with increased delivery capacity, network and financial muscles. The transaction has in step 1 given Vilokan 1/3 ownership in Epcon, but the long term ambition is that Vilokan becomes the majority owner to facilitate closer strategic cooperation over time. Impello has been the project leader for the entire process, from owner strategy and preparation of information material, to partner search, price negotiations and Due Diligence.


Process technology, energy & environment
Turnover 2019

Customer statement:

«Impello was hired to perform a partner search with a goal to expand/strengthen the ownership structure in Epcon. Impello has been professional and patient advisors through a long process, and we have experienced the cooperation with Impello as constructive and thrustful. They have handled the dialogue with several potential partners which ended with a very good industrial solution for Epcon. We founders are very pleased with having found Vilokan as a partner. This will secure long-term growth and industrial development of the company.” - Carl Ivar Gotaas, CEO