In the period 2008-2017, the Research Council of Norway channelled more than NOK 4 billion into research on environment-friendly energy through the research programmes RENERGI/ENERGIX (energy), CLIMIT (carbon capture and storage) and FME (centres for environment-friendly energy research). In total, more than 600 projects were completed during the period. In 2018, Impello prepared a study to document results and impact of publicly funded energy research. Realized economic impact in Norway totalled NOK 16 billion for 48 selected projects. Documented potential was more than NOK 100 billion. The results were presented to the Minister of Energy in the spring of 2019 and received much public attention. The impact study was carried out in collaboration with Menon Economics.

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Customer statement

"Documentation of impact of publicly funded research is becoming increasingly important. Impello led the work of the study in a very good way. Impello was responsible for the methodology and coordinated the work on a total of eight sub-reports. The project was challenging and Impello's contribution was crucial to achieve the result. The study was innovative and had a strong scientific basis. The report has been very useful to the Research Council. The methodology developed in the project has laid a good foundation for the research communities involved in the further work on visualizing and communicating impact and results." - Tone Ibenholt, special advisor