SIFA, one of Norway's leading companies in sheet metal processing, is in a growth and investing period as a result of substantial supply agreements with new customers. Impello assisted the company with a risk and vulnerability analysis focused on finance and organization/management. The analysis investigated whether the company was optimally positioned for robust and profitable growth.


Revenues 2018
NOK 54 million

Customer statement

"Impello assisted SIFA with an analysis and assessment of potential challenges and risk factors that the company is exposed to in an important growth and restructuring phase. Whether the company was optimally rigged for robust and profitable growth was the main question. The work from Impello functioned as an eye-opener and put several important factors on the table that the company needed to control to succeed. The report from Impello has been a useful tool for the management and board of the company. Our assessment is that Impello is a very sound firm with skilled employees who explore the matter in depth and deliver at a high standard. We give Impello our highest recommendations." - Arnt Otnes, CEO
Photo: SIFA