SINTEF Molab provides services in analytical chemistry, materials testing and environmental measurements for land-based industry and oil & gas. The company has significant growth ambitions and Impello was hired to help in the development of a clear growth strategy and in the realization of structural growth (M&A). After initial market testing with selected potential partner candidates, SINTEF Molab chose to merge with Kystlab, which has customers in aquaculture, the food industry and municipalities. Impello contributed in the entire process from growth strategy to partner search, negotiations and closing of the merger.


Laboratory services
Mo i Rana
Revenues 2018
NOK 86 million

Customer statement

"SINTEF Molab used Impello in the development of a growth strategy and a partner search in 2018, resulting in a merger with Kystlab and the establishment of SMK Lab Holding. SMK Lab Holding is using Impello in the search for new partners in 2019/20. Impello is thorough, reliable and able to deliver with good service and precise feedback. We give them our best recommendations!" - Eigil Dåbakk, CEO
Photo: SINTEF Molab