Way AS is a technology-based company from Trondheim which has developed a full-scale driving simulator, an automated feedback system based on artificial intelligence and a fully digital booking- and payment system. The system is launched in Trondheim and the larger Oslo area. In short time, Way has gained more than 2,000 students and 30% market share for driver’s license class B in Trondheim. The company has a strong growth ambition both domestic and international and seeks growth capital from investors. In relation to a planned crowdfunding financing campaign at the platform Folkeinvest, Karabin Impello was engaged to perform a market-based valuation of the company. We have assisted with the following in the project: Quality assurance of the company’s long-term budget, analysis of scenarios for the future, discounted cash-flow analysis, multiple analysis (peer group), determination of value interval and best value estimate and reporting to be published at Folkeinvest

The case

Way AS
Software - transport
Revenues 2020
10.8 MNOK

Costumer statement

«Karabin Impello assisted us with valuation services related to a share issue at Folkeinvest (crowdfunding platform). We experienced an engaged and highly competent team which delivered according to our expectations on time and cost. The quality of the delivery was good, and the valuation report is professionally speaking “state of the art”. The results are presented in a clear and pedagogical way.” - Ståle Svenning, CEO Way AS