Henrik wanted to come work for Impello because he missed the consultant life with frequent new projects and a steep learning curve. He wanted to work in a company where he could use his financial expertise to a greater extent.

Henrik has now been with us since 2017, working mostly with financial advice such as valuation, financial management and due diligence.

What Henrik likes the best about the job at Impello is the combination of work environment and tasks:

-I am free to work with the projects that interest me. I have been developing new interests in the use of modern tools and technology for increasing the efficiency of analysis, and I have been free to explore the possibilities for Impello. In addition, it is a privilege to work with so many clever and nice people, while you work with things you like the most, Henrik says.

A kick start at the Impello career

Henrik graduated with a degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and started his career in PwC Oslo. There he worked in both Assurance and Deals. After a while he moved back to his home place, Trondheim, and started at KLP Banking as a Business Controller, before finding his way to Impello.

When he first started at Impello, he got a lot of new challenges at once. His first project was a CFO-for-hire, while he also worked with analysis-based projects. At the same time, he was also a sleep-deprived father of toddlers:

-There was a lot to learn, which was also my motivation to begin working at Impello. The work environment was the best from day one and I really felt I had come to the right place. In the beginning it was challenging to combine family life with young children and the consultant life. Some weeks were therefore demanding with less sleep, a need to have two parents at home and a lot to do at work. When I became more comfortable with my role and my colleagues, it was easier to combine those roles by planning the day better and having good communication, he explains.

Henrik appreciates having his own working day designed in Impello, and by having an opportunity to participate in the projects that pass on his competence profile and professional interests:

-The number of projects is adjusted to your ambitions and private life. As a father of young children, I have declined some projects because there are things other than work that are important to me. This opportunity has a high value to me, he continues.

Varied days and exciting tasks

Just as he wished for, there are no days at Impello that looks the same for Henrik:

-During a week I have a couple of meetings with clients and I work one or two full days at our client’s offices. The rest of the week I spend the days at Impello’s office. At the office, I spend most of my time on projects in Excel, Power BI and PowerPoint. Otherwise I do some internal work such as recruiting, coaching, and social happenings, he says.

When Henrik is asked to highlight a project he think has been most fun so far, his answer is “Power-BI”, a project Impello has delivered to SINTEF:

-I think the Power BI project at SINTEF has been the coolest. SINTEF is a large research group with a lot of companies and departments, where the scope of financial analysis and reporting is big. I have been involved in increasing the efficiency of the finance functions with the use of typical experience from Impello and modern tools, he explains.

Four questions and answers about the life in Impello

How is the career progression at Impello?

-The career progression is relatively similar to other consultancy companies. Graduates get the title Consultant, and after a few years of experience you become a Senior Consultant. If you do a good job as a senior consultant or you have qualified experience from other companies, you will become a Manager. A manager has project leader responsibilities (together with a partner) and is expected to participate in the jobs related to marketing and sales to new and existing clients. The path to becoming a partner is very individual and depends on ambitions and competence, Henrik says.

How would you describe a typical Impello employee?

-Skilled and easy going. We do our best to deliver services with high quality, but we are also good at being informal and having some fun. There is lots of laughter at our office between both Impello employees and our clients, he answers.

What do you wear at work?

-Business casual? We often avoid suits unless we have a meeting with clients where a suit is the obvious dress code. Usually I wear chinos or nice jeans, shirt and a blazer. Put another way: We customize the dress code depending on the clients, and we avoid being overdressed, he explains.

Why should a person apply to Impello?

-Because this is a place with great people and exciting work, Henrik concludes.