Hamar Media is a leading communication company in central Norway with its head office at Hamar. The company has competence in digital development, content production, print, profiling and advertising. Impello has assisted Hamar Media with project management in the development of a growth strategy for the group.

Hamar Media

Revenues 2018
NOK 220 million

Customer statement

"For several years, the project manager from Impello has assisted Hamar Media in the development of growth strategies. The communication throughout the projects, the availability and deliveries from Impello have been effective and reliable. Relationship and trust have been key words for a successful collaboration, and over several years we have experienced that the Impello representative can manage processes directed at owners, the board and management. The collaboration has been characterized by a sincere interest in helping." - Hans Jørgen Øveraasen, CEO of Hamar Media Group